More than 700 people from 36 countries have participated at the International Art Therapy Practice/Research Inaugural Conference organized by BAAT in London. 

Art Therapists from 35 countries present the newest in best practice and research. This conference is of interest to arts therapists and colleagues wishing to extend their skills and knowledge, make new contacts and build networks. 

Over the three days, the program offers a wealth of learning from practice innovation, research, workshops, masterclasses, round table and networking events. Keynote speakers are:

Thursday morning: Lynn Kapitan & Ephrat Huss on socially-engaged research.

Thursday afternoon: Lord Howarth of Newport, Donna Betts and Susan Hogan on arts in health, arts therapies and Public health.

Friday morning: Dr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones on Imagery and relational physiology, with respondents Val Huet & Neil Springham on implications for art therapy practice and research.

Saturday morning: Dr Iain McGilchrist and panel presentation from Girija Kaimal, Juliet King, Christianne Strang on art therapy and Neuroscience.


Bienvenida a cargo de la directiva de la (BAAT) British association of art therapists.Break time. Queen Mary University of London Library
The conference closed with a performance of songs.
Feliz de compartir la investigación y los nuevos avances en nuestra profesión. 
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